Bathrooms, pools, saunas

Decorative coating In the bathroom

Decorative plaster has always been used to finish surfaces situated in high humidity and special hygiene requirements areas: Greek's or Oriental steam bath.
Pratta Exclusive Company offers different water-resistant and high-strength types of finish decorative plasters, which can be used for protection and decorating whole surfaces in bathrooms, hammam, pool etc.

    Decorative plasters for bathrooms can be used for all types of surfaces:
  • Bathroom walls or ceilings and shower areas especially where is direct touch of water.
  • Bathroom flooring, including shower areas
  • Swimming pools and wash basins
  • Walls, floors or ceiling’s surfaces in saunas and hammams
  • Countertops around wash basins, built-in niches or shelves and other surfaces in the “wet zone”

We offer to looking through following types and designs of finishing the bathrooms and get the best for your idea!

Finishes types:

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