Effects: All Microconrete Velour Loft Travertine stucco Silk effect Textured finishes Sand effect Venetian stucco Stencil effect Pearl finish Matt effect Glittered paint Gloss effect Marble effect Metal

Travertino Imperium, Velatura, Fantasia Metalline stencilce technique

The effect of a stone wall in the living room

Kitchen interior in ultramarine color

Polished stone in the interior

Kitchen apron in tropical shades

Kitchen apron in the style of natural stone

Marble effect of the walls in the living room

Vintage walls in the bedroom effect

Roman travertine effect in a guest room

Pale beige walls in the bedroom in Tuscan style

Grotto style walls

Natural stone effect with vertical texture in a living room

Facade of house with Roman travertine effect

Walls with mother-of-pearl effect and mini-craters

Walls with mother-of-pearl effect and mini-craters