Discreet grey in a living room


Decorative coating with the effect of sandy winds in the living room.

Decorative coating with imitation of sparkling sand whirlwinds will give to any interior in a house a special charm and beauty. Thanks to a composition of SIROCCO decorative paint, including selected coral sand and natural pearl pigment, a surface acquire unsurpassed strength, excellent water-repellent and washable properties.

Material: Sirocco
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Material Layers-quantity Yield 1kg (l) / m2 Color
Primer Normal
1 90.00
Primer Liscio
Dark (for dark colours)
1 10.00 NCP177
Cool (Silver Base)
2 8.00 STE0144
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Sand effect decorative coating with golden shade in a bedroom

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Honey colour with golden shade of sand wind effect in a lobby