Lime based mineral plaster with matt velvet effect

VELVET is a special product for interiors, which allows you to represent the natural velvet fabric with soft-touch effect. It is a decorative material made of hydrated and micronized lime, high selected marble and special fibre additives.
The micro porousness of the coating completely represent the structure of the velvet fabric. The material is based on slaked lime and natural marble powders, which determines the strength, vapor permeability and the high end environmental friendliness of the coating.
It has an excellent resistance against aggressive agents in industrial or marine zone as well against UV rays and mould.
For more comfortable application in extreme hot weather environments, recommend to use special primer FONDO a Calce before.
VELVET is certificated as incombustible covering, therefore can be used for covering surfaces in areas of fire evacuation.

Vintage gothic design with ornament effect
Video overview with magical effect of Gothic design interior with combination of both materials: VELVET for bi-colour effect of old corduroy fabric and SEQUOIA for creating multicolour ornamental nuances.

Lime based decorative plaster with natural velvet effect
Decorative lime based plaster with special fillers, which provide to creating natural velvet design with soft-touch effect.

Special lime based product for velvet effect creation
Thank's to special components in Velvet mineral plaster, this material allow to create real effect of this type textile as visual so tactile.

Velvet corduroy fabric effect
Fabric velvet effect with stripes texture (named "corduroy") reached by special roller and classic technique of application.
Type Code Pack Yield Pack/sq. m
Normal DB030620 20 Kg 20.00

Examples interiors