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PRATTA Exclusive – producer of high quality decorative materials.

PRATTA Exclusive was founded in 2008 as a professional team of decorators and painters who specialize in making decorative finish application any complexity, including realization of special architectural projects.
High quality and a wide range of materials, comfortable service, provide to increasing interest of PRATTA EXCLUSIVE products all over the world and is currently represented in many foreign countries.

Story of our Company

Providing to services for application of decorative materials and Venetian plasters, realized at many architectural objects in Moscow and the Moscow region, and later in other cities of Russia and the CIS.

Our company began import of new decorative materials from several Italian manufacturers under its own brand PRATTA Exclusive.

2011 – 2014
The product line of PRATTA Exclusive materials accounted more than 150 materials from 9 leading manufacturers of decorative coatings from Italy

According to our experience and modern demand directions, we established technological laboratory and started the preparation of an industrial site for the production of its own materials based on foreign raw materials using modern worldwide technologies.

Established own production factory: "ORSO CHEMICALS" Llc in Russia. In June 2016 we released to our market the first Top quality product - elastic preparatory plaster - ORSO Infinity.

2017 - 2018
Development of producing systems for different kinds of materials which presented in the market under trade marks: ORSOCHEM and PRATTA Exclusive. The share of products manufactured in own factory has been brought to 100%.

Thanks to the high quality and wide assortment, the growing popularity of PRATTA Exclusive materials has aroused great interest from different countries of the World. During this period representative offices were opened already in India, Taiwan, USA, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. For the convenience of collaboration with foreign partners, we use all modern solutions of IT technologies for information and marketing supplying of our partners and costumers all over the World, which allowed us and our partners to reach the most effective growth.

Success stories

There are more 200 Pratta partner's salons.
We are different and we want to create.

Afra store

Afra store
Pratta store in Teheran
Tel:+98(21)88031027 +98(21)88038974
South Shiraz Ave #100 Tehran IRAN

Pratta Exclusive in Kazakhstan

Pratta Exclusive in Kazakhstan
+7-701- 413-10-44
Казахстан, Караганда, 137 учетный квартал, строение 039, магазин "СТРОЙМАРТ", 1 этаж, бутик Д5

Pratta in Italy

Pratta in Italy
Marmorino Tools
+ 39 0373 238023

Pratta India

Pratta in Los Angeles

Taiwan Pratta Exclusive

Taiwan Pratta Exclusive
+886 2 2262 5698
1F., No. 3, Aly. 15, Ln. 234, Qingshui Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 23652, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Pratta Exclusive Headquarter

Pratta Exclusive Headquarter
Office, showroom, education studio
Phone/Telegram: +7 (499) 685 1625
Lichachevskiy proezd, 4
Dolgoprudniy, Moscow region, Russia