Metallic effect decorative finish

METALLINE - is decorative finish with a metal effect based on modern fillers and special natural metallized components that make the product very creative in terms of the variety of possible decorative effects. Special final decorative covering for protection and giving additional artistic effect to mineral or lime based decorative coatings, so as TRAVERTINO IMPERIUM, CRATERIA etc. Surfaces covered with METALLINE have perfect waterresistant and washable prperties.
Types of product:

  • Silver - silver metallic base
  • Copper - Copper metallic base
  • Gold - Pure gold metallic base
  • Bronze - bronze metallic base
  • Chameleon - changeable colour metallic base
Type Code Pack Yield Pack/sq. m Цена за банку
Silver DF03SV075 0.75 L 8.00 3000.00 RUB
Silver DF03SV04 4 L 32.00 12400.00 RUB
Gold DF03GL075 0.75 L 8.00 3000.00 RUB
Gold DF03GL04 4 L 32.00 12400.00 RUB
Bronze DF03BZ01 0.75 L 8.00 3000.00 RUB
Bronze DF03BZ04 4 L 32.00 12400.00 RUB
Chameleon DF03SM01 0.75 L 8.00 3000.00 RUB
Chameleon DF03SM04 4 L 32.00 12400.00 RUB
Rame DF03CP075 0.75 L 8.00 3000.00 RUB
Rame DF03CP04 4 L 32.00 12400.00 RUB

MONO composition - 5 basic colours
This Mono composition included whole basic metallic types of METALLINE decorative paint.

Black pearl slate stone design
CRATERIA plaster with deep black colour covered with special metallic finish METALLINE Silver.

Antique design of frame tile effect with silver shades
Special combination of INTONACHINO Fine stucco and METALLINE silver finish with stencil of MARMORINO TOOLS

Wood table in design from renaissance collection
Special collection created by combination of top quality materials. It has beautiful modern design of natural stone with pearl effect.

Metalline acrylic based mother of pearl finish
Decorative acrylic based finish with several different basic shades which can be tinted in other colours. It has water resistant and washable properties also, that could be used as additional decorative protection for different mineral plasters in interiors.

Covering of mineral plasters with Metalline finish
Different basic colours of Metalline special finish, which allow to create effects of: gold, silver, bronze, copper or chameleon. All this bases can be tinted in different shades.

Examples interiors