Marmorino tools

Pratta Exclusive является эксклюзивным поставщиком инструментов под маркой Marmorino tools в России.
Приглашаем мастеров-декораторов попробовать инструменты Marmorino tools в работе и ознакомиться с ценами на них.
Venetian plaster with real marble texture
This video overview presents natural marble effect made of classic lime based Venetian plaster MARMORINO CLASSIC and special art technique of application.
Antique stone effect with lot of craters
This video overview presents special design of antique stone texture with polished surface. Deepness of texture made of special lime based plaster INTONACHINO and finished with SEQUOIA plaster created colour, texture and polished effects.
Antique stone effect with polished surface
This video overview presents possibilities of combination both materials: PRATTA INTONACHINO & SEQUOIA plasters, which allow to create perfect design of antique polished stone effect.
Exclusive technique of application with brick stone effect
Special edition master-class for creation of slate stone bricks design made by PRATTAMASTER Edgar & Maxim from Ryazan.
Application of Seta Exclusive - pure black velvet edition
Video master class of application technique of the Seta Exclusive Absolute black edition. It allows to create real effect of pure black velvet for interiors.
Horizon texture of Damask silk effect
This video Master class show very simple technique of application DAMASCO BURROSO decorative plaster for creation horizon texture of Damask silk fabric. For this edition invited special guest from Ufa's representative company of PRATTA.
Vintage gothic design with ornament effect
Video overview with magical effect of Gothic design interior with combination of both materials: VELVET for bi-colour effect of old corduroy fabric and SEQUOIA for creating multicolour ornamental nuances.
Intonachino - General presentation
General description of the INTONACHINO plaster - is a traditional lime based plaster with natural marble components. Top quality coating for exterior and interior surfaces.
Antique effect with mother of pearl shade
Overview of example for application of SETA STUCCO lime based mineral decorative plaster with three colours combination. Unique effect of traditional stucco with mother of pearl effect makes design of walls individual and exclusive for modern architecture.
Stencil ornament with pearl combination of colours
Video overview about stencil effect made of traditional lime based decorative plaster INTONACHINO, covered with VELATURA, ANTICO VELLUTO and METALLINE. as result is beautiful colour combination with high deepness texture of natural velvet wall coverings. This type of coating has also high end water resistant properties.
SEQUOIA - Yellow Honey marble effect
Overview of Yellow marble effect with mirrored gloss effect made of special acrylic based mineral plaster - SEQUOIA. For this effect used several colours and shades of the material applied by professional technique of PRATTAMASTER TEAM. For more protection and allowance to use in bath rooms, it can be covered with special wax finish SPECCHIO CERA.
loft - vintage cocrete effect
Overview of the loft effect wall design with vintage colour composition. Special concrete texture reached by special lime based stucco LOFT. And using several different colours of VELATURA siloxane finish allows to create vintage shades composition with high-end water resistant properties.