Marmorino tools

Pratta Exclusive является эксклюзивным поставщиком инструментов под маркой Marmorino tools в России.
Приглашаем мастеров-декораторов попробовать инструменты Marmorino tools в работе и ознакомиться с ценами на них.
How to make Slate stone effect
For natural slate stone design is the best CRATERIA mineral decorative plaster. This video master class show You details of the technique of application.
Bright orange velvet coating for walls
Here is presented special design coating for walls with absolute matt effect, orange bright colour and beautiful ornaments.
Sand effect vertical lines design of walls with beige colour
In this video presented very beautiful design of walls with vertical lines texture and classic beige colour, made of SIROCCO sand effect decorative paint.
Waterfall texture of walls
This video master class show you special technique of application for creating Waterfall effect with the SIROCCO decorative paint.
Deep brown silk effect decorative
Dark chocolate colour of walls with silk effect texture in interior. Shabby is a simple for application decorative paint, which allow to create different colours of brocade textile design of walls in interior.
Fireplace walls with marble effect
In this video presented marble effect of walls made with MARMORINO CARRARA lime based mineral decorative plaster.
Travertine stone effect in the fireplace
Example of wall decorating in the fireplace with special lime based mineral plaster TRAVERTINO IMPERIUM. Thanks to used of the VELATURA finish, coating provided to high water resistant properties and additional colour shades of natural travertine stone.
INTONACHINO - Beige rock stone effect
In this video we presented special effect of natural stone made of lime based decorative plaster INTONACHINO in combination with protective decorative finish VELATURA, which provide to beautiful shades of natural colours.
Seta Exclusive - blue velvet effect
Overview of natural velvet effect of Seta Exclusive decorative plaster, which legendary beautiful and stay original since 2012.
Slate stone effect
Special overview with slate stone effect of walls, made with special decorative plaster ROCCIA
GG Collection - technique of application
Special master-class of PRATTAMASTER Team, which show technique of application for GG collection. GG collection catalogue is here:
Travertino Imperium- tamponed technique of application
This video master class show art technique of application for TRAVERTINO IMPERIUM lime based decorative plaster, which allow to create antique stone effect with multicolour texture and polished surface