Traditional lime based decorative plaster for exterior & interior

INTONACHINO is a traditional Italian decorative coating for interiors and exteriors based on natural marble and slaked lime.
INTONACHINO creates a thick rough surface, which have high permeability and also stable to external influences. The material has a long drying time, which provides comfortable environment for working in an outdoor environment. Also, it has a high plasticity when applied, which allows you to create various artistic effects natural stone. For more comfortable application in extreme hot weather environments, recommend to use special primer FONDO a Calce before. If you need high-end water resistant properties it is better to finish decorated surface with special siloxane based material: VELATURA or UMBRELLA.
INTONACHINO is certificated as incombustible covering, therefore can be used for covering surfaces in areas of fire evacuation.

Types of product:

Type Pack / Lt (kg) Yield/m2 Code
Fine 24 24 DB0000824
Fine 6 6 DB0000806
Medium 24 17 DB051124
Medium 6 4 DB051106
Coarse 24 12 DB001224
Coarse 6 3 DB001206
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