Marmorino X Floor

Mineral floor system

MARMORINO FLOOR – this is a special seamless system for walls and floors, which allows you to create seamless surfaces without joints in accordance with the latest trends in architecture and design with various types of natural effects and more than 1000 colors and shades.
This is an ideal system for both combined walls and floors, which can be connected wiht another detailes of iterior – the decor of various furniture elements, tables and so on.
MARMORINO FLOOR is a new generation of possibilities for decoration interiors and is a modern and versatile solution for elegant architectural design.
The material system is certified as a non-combustible coating, so it can be used to cover surfaces in fire evacuation zones.

The system consists of two components:
MARMORONO FLOOR – is a mineral-based powder with concrete and special dry additives. Part A
of AQA is a water-based acrylic emulsion, part B for MARMORINO floor powder.
The recommended dilution ratio is 9 liters of AQA per 20 kg of MARMORINO FLOOR powder.
To protect the floor, we have two types of transparent coatings:
POLYURETHANE PROTECTION – is a transparent coating based on polyurethane.
VETRIFICANTE POLIURETHANICO – is a special polyester transparent coating with perfect water resistance (and also to wine, coffee, tea, tomatoes and other organic natural substances), high-quality gloss, durability, scratch resistance and deep glass transparent.

Type Pack / Lt (kg) Yield/m2 Code
Coarse 20 9 DB037A20
Medium 20 16 DB039A20
Fine 18 24 DB038A18
Powder 4 10 DB038MF4
Powder 5.4 24 DB038MF54
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