Marmorino tools

Pratta Exclusive является эксклюзивным поставщиком инструментов под маркой Marmorino tools в России.
Приглашаем мастеров-декораторов попробовать инструменты Marmorino tools в работе и ознакомиться с ценами на них.
Seta Exclusive - blue velvet effect
Overview of natural velvet effect of Seta Exclusive decorative plaster, which legendary beautiful and stay original since 2012.
Slate stone effect
Special overview with slate stone effect of walls, made with special decorative plaster ROCCIA
GG Collection - technique of application
Special master-class of PRATTAMASTER Team, which show technique of application for GG collection. GG collection catalogue is here:
Travertino Imperium- tamponed technique of application
This video master class show art technique of application for TRAVERTINO IMPERIUM lime based decorative plaster, which allow to create antique stone effect with multicolour texture and polished surface
Green marble effect for washbasin
This video overview allow to imagine how You can decorate washbasin table. Special effect of natural marble made of ANTICO VENEZIANO CLASSIC - synthetic Venetian plaster.
Concrete effect walls in the fireplace area
Usage example of concrete effect walls design in the fireplace of guest room. Durable, water resistant coating and non-flammable with high eco-friendly properties.
washbasin table top - marble effect grey green
Special edition marble effect by PRATTAMSTER S.Gusev. Also it could be used for decorating table top surfaces, walls and showers.
Special video overview of finished object serviced by PRATTAMASTER Team. For this House Used one type of coating with different colours and for different surfaces, also for ceilings and doors.
THEIA - super matt paint in interior
In this video presented different colours solution of walls in interior design: kitchen zone, lounge area, entrance hall. Top quality of paint allows to use it for painting different areas of house. Eco-friendly, easy cleaning, washable, simple to use, local repairing, 10 years warranty.
Marble effect with polished surface - PRATTAMASTER edition
Overview of marble effect created with SEQUOIA by PRATTAMASTER Ilya Titov. Surface has gloss mirrored effect like polished marble with high deepness of texture. Thanks to special protective wax finishing, coating has perfect washable and water resistant properties.
NEWTONE - Loft concrete effect
NEWTONE as lime based mineral plaster has exclusively huge opportunities. And now we are very glad to present You next version of LOFT design created with the same NEWTONE plaster. Enjoy)
Concrete effect walls - RASARIO edition
Overview of concrete effect walls design in realised project for RASARIO company.